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After leaving the group and walking away from a multimillion-dollar contract, Kevin told Mr. XXX behavior is accepted and preached lyrically in the music.q. March 4, he delivered his message at the Bryan Civic Auditorium.

Lewis how record executives believed young girls would be willing to loose their virginity to the group’s hit song, I Wanna Sex You Up. It os truly a message one needs to hear for himself in order that you may intake the information first-hand.

Lewis, a Fort Worth native affirms through his teaching that God requires you to know the enemy you are fighting.

After all you probably know the words to songs you do not even like. Although some are deceitful, others within the Hip Hop culture outwardly declare their alliance against Christ Jesus.

All the information is contained within The Truth Behind Hip Hop, a groundbreaking message conveyed by G. Unacknowledged by many mainstream media outlets, G.

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” You can place a thousand people in a single room and have it overcome by boredom.His message also attracts attentions to Hip Hop icons. Hip Hop has a history dating back to Africa Bambaata who is credited for being it’s founding father.And KRS-1, another pioneer or the Hip Hop lifestyle.Record executives so believed that they called in self-proclaimed witches to cast spells on this song in order that girls would loose their virginity and forever remembered the song for that reason. The white man is not fair and holds the black man down.o. The eye-opening element of this story is after Kevin turns his life over to God he is later briefly overcome by demons.

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