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Its final release was published in March 2004 and it became part of JAXP 1.4 (to be included in the upcoming Java 6 release). In fact, what distinguishes St AX from other approaches is the application's ability to process XML as a stream of events.The idea of handling XML as a set of events is not entirely new (in fact, it is already present in SAX); however, the difference is that St AX allows the application code to pull these events one after another, rather than having to provide a handler that receives events from the parser at the parser's convenience.Use the Xerces library with either the SAX2 or the DOM parser.

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Each event object in turn encapsulates information pertaining to the particular XML structure it represents.

This is a rather low-level API; while considerably efficient, it does not provide an abstraction of the underlying XML structure.

The higher-level iterator-based API allows the application to process XML as a series of event objects, each of which communicates a piece of the XML structure to the application.

St AX actually consists of two sets of XML processing API, each providing a different level of abstraction.

The cursor-based API allows the application to work with XML as a stream of tokens (or events); the application can examine the parser's state and obtain information about the last parsed token, then advance to the next token, and so on.

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