Tango wire networking and dating

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Instagram has already made the move toward ephemeral content sharing with its Snapchat-like stories feature, so maybe more platforms will be soon to follow.

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Copyblogger published an interesting article several years ago, making the argument that blogs are indeed social media, despite the fact that people tend to put them in a category all on their own these days.In fact, blogs are one of the oldest forms of social media that dominated the web long before we were friending and following everyone on social networks.The key features that make blogs part of social media are their user accounts, comment sections, and blog networks.They certainly overlap, which is why it gets confusing.For example, you can share media with your social network to gather likes and comments–a form of social networking. Apples, bananas, oranges, grapes, berries, melons and pineapples are all part of the broader fruit category the same way that social networking, social news, social bookmarking, wikis, blogs and private web messaging are part of the broader social media category.

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