Teacher dating parent of student

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A relationship where there is an imbalance of power and responsibility will usually conflict with the care that is being provided and therefore means that the person might not be doing their job in the way they should, which might leave the person vulnerable or at risk, particularly if problems arise in the relationship.Teachers and other workers who hold a job in a position of responsibility have a certain amount of power over the people in their care, where sometimes they can make decisions about their life.If the worker ignores this rule, it can mean they can lose their job because the relationship is seen as inappropriate, and therefore goes against the company policies and procedures, which are there to protect the people who are being provided a service or being cared for.

There are several factors that can protect against the negative outcomes often associated with low-income schooling, one of which is a positive and supportive relationship with an adult, most often a teacher (Murray & Malmgren, 2005).this means that these lines can be blurred by a relationship where in their personal life they are expected to be on equal footing but in their professional life, one is caring for the other and has more responsibility and power.It’s important to consider some of the reasons these rules are in place.Here at Child Line, we take this law very seriously, and for that reason, if a child or young person tells us something like this is happening between someone under 18 and a person in a position of trust, it is one of the 3 things we cant keep confidential, due to the laws that mean we must keep all children and young people safe.If it is happening to you or someone you know, it is something you can talk about, but its important to know that if you do, Child Line will probably have to pass the information on to the police so they can investigate it.

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