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In it the authors put forward the theory that Freemasons built the pyramids, suggesting that the solstices and pyramids are important in Freemasonry, and that the former owner of the land the Güímar pyramids are on was a Freemason himself.

The Guanches were a mystery because it had never been established how these white-skinned and fair-haired people came to be living on islands close to North Africa.

However, legends say that the Guanches had originally been Atlanteans who had survived when Atlantis went under the ocean because they were on the mountain peaks which today we know as the Canary Islands.He also thought it was possible that the Guanches, who lived on Tenerife before the Spanish Conquest, might have been responsible for building the pyramids.Academics, however, did not agree and put forward the alternative theory that the pyramids are no more than piles of volcanic rocks that farmers had made when clearing their land.The clip has gone viral since it emerged on several Celtic fan sites.He flew out with his teammates to celebrate the win earlier this week. We previously reported on Mikael Lustig's celebration on-board the plane to Tenerife.

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