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A Midtown server told me that diner conduct hasn't changed much after #metoo. You just have to take that first teensy-weensy step into Divorce Land to get this ball rolling! Here are some short answers (for Hooters, at least). She didn't say how they were different, exactly, but her deep eye-roll said enough.Sure, you're single this Valentine's Day, but if you learn these fresh rules, you won't be by, say, Memorial Day. This is going to garner you way more attention and thus land you more dates than drunkenly hitting on someone at the old Melange bar ever did! Experiment with Snapchat filters to smooth out your skin, make your eyes look brighter, and attract the type of mate who's into humans with big ears and wagging tongues. "I think it's the realization that certain people actually exist in the world. The entire date he's hearing this monologue of racial slurs. Then he hears her say, ‘I just love Jap food, but I hate Japs.’ "Then he goes to drop her off. He hugs her, and she bites him on the neck and runs out of the car. Here's what they had to say about online dating dos and don'ts. Appearance certainly counts, but the way you present yourself counts more.Think about it: Come 2019, you're not going to want to spend the nuclear holocaust in your sad, pathetic bunker alone. Of course, when all your kids join the Furry community, you've only yourself to blame, Snap-people. Honesty is the best policy, so lay all your cards on the table! It's Memphis Eskimo Brother/Eskimo Sister Bingo, and I'm accepting donations to my Go Fund Me. If there's one thing that always breaks the ice, it's some good sports talk. One of my favorite bad dates that we re-enact: The guy picks the girl up. She also talks about her mother, who she refers to as a pill popper. "People hear a story like that and they think, 'This can't be real.' Pretty much the thread that runs through the show is, 'It can't be real.' "I would say 75 percent of our show is submissions from dating websites, crazy messages you get and weird interactions. The most frequently mentioned turn offs for women were men holding guns and dead animals.Other top spots to meet that special someone include social events, school, work, church, and bars.Once the dating commences, a whopping 74 percent said they prefer to date exclusively, as opposed to dating around.

But we didn't just set out to determine what pushes people's buttons, we wanted to examine today's dating etiquette as male and female roles, among other norms, change in society.

I know you're blown away by my insight, but this is probably a good time to tell you that I'm not very good at taking my own advice and, come to think of it, was single all of 2017 and thus far in 2018.

("I don't know why men are so into posing with dead fish, but they are.") Men with no pics of themselves is a red flag for women ("That's a sign that they're married."), as are group pics.

Marriages are like strokes: With each one, the next one becomes more probable. You're both screwed if anyone finds out, so let that secrecy serve as the cornerstone of your relationship. Sex (at least sexiness) is threaded in their company's DNA. Despite the environment's invitation to fun, the crowd was sedate, almost boring. Though I caught a few eyes flicking up and down at the girls, the guys mostly looked at their phones or watched TV. That crowd was why my bartender said she liked to work days.

If my research proves true, divorced people are at a higher risk of being in another relationship very quickly. — Meghan Stuthard Treat Your Waitress Like A Human #Metoo is hopefully giving new guidelines on sex and consent to any man out there who might not understand "no" or "stop." But some of those same men need a sit-down about how they treat their servers. Tennessee restaurants can pay an hourly rate as low as .13. For clear answers on diner conduct, I turned to experts — Hooters girls. The lunchtime crowd at Hooters downtown last week was largely bearded, hard-hatted, or camouflaged. But lunchtime was usually pretty straight, I was told.

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