The truth about dating by julie christensen

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For white nationalists, Trump’s base was ripe for conversion.The majority of Trump supporters would be disgusted by the KKK, but by claiming they aren’t racists, white nationalist leaders have been able to pit white, working- and middleclass men against minorities.He told them they had been ignored, forgotten, and forced to accept the liberal agenda.In many white communities, this dovetailed with a loss of identity.

I wanted my book to confront white readers and make them question their belief in the status quo.

And we—the mainstream public—didn’t take them seriously.

We didn’t know they were standing among us, in our schools, our workplaces, in the check-out line at the grocery store.

Perhaps their greatest lie of all is the repeated insistence that the most discriminated person in the United States is the white man.

They are piggybacking on President Trump’s popularity to convert his followers to their cause, claiming that white nationalists and President Trump are the only ones who still respect and honor our country’s white men. The president defended the marchers, and refused to condemn, or even utter the phrase “white nationalism.” Since the march, or since the president’s inaction, even making statements like “Resist White Supremacy” can get a person, or business, trolled.

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