Tickle me dating

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, Something for Everybody, Pot Luck, and the Fun in Acapulco and Kissin' Cousins soundtracks (which featured some of the songs as non-movie "bonus tracks").

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RCA would only issue one more extended play single for Presley in 1967.

He comes to the town of Zuni Wells (a fictional town somewhere in the American West) because a friend says Lonnie can get a job on a ranch, but his friend is nowhere to be found.

Having no other option, Lonnie begins singing in a local club, but he gets fired after a fight with one of the customers.

"(Such an) Easy Question," by Otis Blackwell and Winfield Scott, was paired with "It Feels So Right" by Fred Wise and Ben Weisman.

Released previously on Pot Luck with Elvis and Elvis Is Back!

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