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Plus, he wants fishes and lotuses and reeds.”INNER SANCTUM Stepping out of the lift into Irrfan’s fifth-floor apartment is like walking into an inkwell.All is dark-blue, and dimly lit—save for a pair of latticed arches with a cut-out floral motif.

Below: In the dining room, the tables and chairs are by Peacock Life and the lights were sourced from Jaipur; the mirrored panel was designed and built on-site.

He confesses to a mirror fetish—“I always peer into them even if I’m walking by in a hurry”—dating back to well before he considered becoming an actor, and this house fulfils one of his longest-held fantasies.

“I finally have an area surrounded by mirrors, where I can see myself from every angle.” His thrill at this dressing room appears endearingly narcissistic, till I remember an actor needs to be aware of every aspect of his physicality—body, costume, and look.

“It has to have its own ecosystem, survive on its own. That the fishes don’t have to be given oxygen separately, that the water doesn’t have to be cleaned or changed.” It is, literally, a living- room pond.

Shabnam Gupta, who designed the interiors, feels this pond—which was relocated from a corner to the middle of the living room—posed a unique challenge.

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