Tom tom gps never need updating

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There is in fact very little tweaking you can do of settings on the unit itself, with the only on-device configuration limited to editing/adding sensors, and turning on/off GPS (for indoor use).Also, you can check for firmware and route updates from the unit itself.Now Wahoo has a kinda-neat/kinda-odd concept when it comes to data pages.You can configure numerous pages, but each page will have an ordered set of data metrics that you can increase or decrease in quantity later on.No worries, they say the best things come to those who wait.

Oh, and the Edge 810 is 98g and the Mio 505 at 130g.One of the first things I’d do though is to setup your Wi Fi networks.This allows it to check for firmware updates and download routes. Once done, tell the unit to check for a firmware update and then update if required.The others don’t require zip-ties though, and just use a small screw. So just ensure that if you have a 3rd party out-front mount that you can rotate the baseplate 90°. K-Edge also has a new mount insert as well that they’re selling now for their existing mounts.Oh, and before I forget, the unit is charged using an included micro-USB cable.

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