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shop is how well movies depict scenes of witchcraft, magical rites, demonic pacts, and metaphysical events. Vintage Classic Exploitation Films: Having set up a distribution pipeline for the above two categories of classic film -- African American Race Movies and Films about Magic and Witchcraft -- i just decided for no particular reason at all to devote some shelf space in the shop to the kinds of crazy-weird films that enthrall, amuse, and enchant me. Likewise, the internet being what it is, i cannot even be sure that anyone reading this page lives within a thousand miles of an African American neighborhood.

So i am doing the next best thing i can think of: I am offering for sale an assortment of low-priced DVDs that display some aspects of the culture in which hoodoo developed.

Il a une liaison amoureuse avec l'actrice Annabella Sciorra entre 2004 et 2007, et en 2007 avec Alison Pill, sa partenaire dans Mauritius.

En avril 2012, il se sépare de Sutton Foster, actrice à Broadway, avec qui il vivait jusque-là.

Information about the use of DVDs in the Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course: Cultural Immersion as a teaching method in the Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course Further information about hoodoo in African American music can be found here: Hoodoo in Theory and Practice: Blues Lyrics and the Hoodoo Tradition Books that we sell about the history and ethnography of hoodoo are available here: Lucky Mojo Curio Co.: Books about the Folklore and Sociology of Conjure Director: Cirio Santiago / John Evans Starring: Jeanne Bell / Rod Perry, Jimmy Witherspoon African American Cast: Action & Adventure. This double bill from the Blaxploitation era features a smeary print (but we are lucky to get any print at all) of one of the wildest low-budget martial arts flicks ever made, plus a great and underrated film about crime and gang life.

Depuis 2012, il est avec l'actrice Rose Byrne (Damages) février 2016 , il devient papa pour la seconde fois d'un petit garçon, prénommé Rocco.

En août 2017, il est révélé que le couple attend son deuxième enfant.

Bobby Cannavale retourne dans le New Jersey après obtention d’un diplôme d'études secondaires à la fin des années 1980, afin d'être plus proche de New York pour lancer sa carrière d'acteur.

Il commence sa carrière d'acteur au théâtre, sans vraie formation.

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