True nature dating

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That can be particularly challenging if you have the "I don't want to hurt his feelings" in your mind.

Us sensitive, empathic, intuitive women sometimes can't bear knowing that if we state our true wishes, it could potentially trigger someone to feel pain, rejection, and to shut down.

We use coordinates like a cruch, and, as a result, mathematically, we have an incomplete understanding of the universe (about as incomplete as the geometric constructs we substitute for the volume of a sphere). I think it can be calculated or at least rationally understood under a different/new system of logic.

The universe does not exist on a grid, and neither should our logic.

As you know, through the lovely support and encouragement of my girlfriend goddesses, I have ventured into the world of online/app dating. I could definitely write a book about the experiences I have had for the past many months!

I will be writing and sharing some of these lovely, amazing, funny life experiences that provide us with more insights and laughs about who we are and aren't as we are dressed up in these human suits and playing various characters in each other's storylines.

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Many of you know as talked about in previous posts, that with the recent changes in True Divine Nature (and more on the way) and being off the road from travels for a time, I have had some delicious, much deserved and cherished time for rest and renewal to recharge my energy.

This does not make pi any less nessessary or any more acurate when used to (inacuratly) describe the area or a circle.

You need to adress the nessesity for these equation and their in accuracy: Pi r squared4/3 pi r cubed No, I do not (not for a lack of trying though).

I've had to be super direct, clear, and loving in stating my wishes.

It's been a great practice of loving-kindness for me to put conscious communication into action for myself and knowing that I am being the perfect person for what he needs in his reality.

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