Updating clearcase checkin comments

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Other plugins are separate Sourceforge hosted projects, and some are outside the Sourceforge framework.

The new version of the plugin can handle many css files at same time, extract a list of unique css ids and clases for insert in HTML/PHP files and the button labels and captions are internationalized, contribute to the Project translating the files.Not all plugins are featured on the official distribution, i.e.the set of plugins the installer will provide you if you check the Plugins option. Some plugins have exhibited bugs or other problems that have motivated their being withdrawn or excluded from official distribution.Available translations in spanish, catalan, hebrew and persian. It allows Visual Studio style intellisense as well as the C# code execution.Added Color list, list all the colors in format hexadecimal, RGB or RGBA from a document, easy for scanning svg files and use the founded colors in css files, the list can be exported to a svg file or a Gimp palette Added button to compress properties to his shorthand form Added button to refresh the changes made to the css file in many browsers CS-Script plugin is a real C# intellisense solution based on CS-Script and ICSharp Code. Doc It is a plugin for Notepad , which aids in documentation. In all it gives eclipse/netbeans/vs like functionality to produce the doc strings, that can be used to generate documentation using a documentation generator like doxygen. Generates Doxygen style comment blocks based on function/method definitions.

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