Updating dataset in asp net

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Applications that are database intensive may benefit from caching by reducing the load on the database and by increasing the throughput of the application.

As a general rule, if caching is cheaper than the equivalent processing, you should use caching.

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NET Framework configuration information in this chapter to new and existing applications. After the request is dispatched to the appropriate application, the request is passed through a pipeline. NET runtime infrastructure Http Module objects participate in the pipeline by handling predefined events that ASP. These events include Begin Request, Authenticate Request, and End Request.

It is provided as a courtesy for individuals who are still using these technologies. NET Application Performance and Scalability Chapter 5 — Improving Managed Code Performance Send feedback to [email protected] & practices Library Summary: This chapter provides common issues, design guidelines, and coding techniques to improve the performance of your ASP. This chapter provides a common language runtime thread pool tuning formula for reducing contention, threading guidelines, specific techniques to reduce page size, scalable solutions for managing state, data caching guidelines and much more.

This page may contain URLs that were valid when originally published, but now link to sites or pages that no longer exist. Objectives Overview How to Use This Chapter Architecture Performance and Scalability Issues Design Considerations Implementation Considerations Threading Explained Threading Guidelines Resource Management Pages Server Controls Data Binding Caching Explained Caching Guidelines State Management Application State Session State View State HTTP Modules String Management Exception Management COM Interop Data Access Security Considerations IIS 6.0 Considerations Deployment Considerations Summary Additional Resources To build ASP.

The main issues that can adversely affect the performance and scalability of your ASP. Subsequent sections in this chapter provide strategies and technical information to prevent or resolve each of these issues. NET applications is significantly easier if you design with performance in mind.

Make sure you develop a performance plan from the outset of your project. Also, use an iterative development process that incorporates constant measuring between iterations.

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