Updating desktop

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I though it was a scripting issue until I manually specified the path to write the image file.Basically, here is what happens: 1) Log on as x user. 3) New desktop image file gets written to specified directory. I have tried this with scheduled tasks, group policy startup scripts, and even a shortcut in the startup folder.If you check Personalization from the desktop, you can see the Desktop Background preview shows the new wallpaper, yet the desktop does not.Right-clicking the desktop and choosing refresh doesn't work (not that I'd want it to) Locking and unlocking the screen does not work.My rule of thumb is that upgrades should typically be done if the costs of the upgrades will be roughly half of the cost of getting a new system.This is just a guideline based on most upgrades giving you a functional lifespan of roughly half of what a complete replacement will get you.Running bginfo with double click worked fine but not with adding a shortcut to the autostart folder or using an autostart entry in the registry.Solution was giving all users modify permission on C:\windows\.

The average desktop PC has a functional lifespan of roughly three to eight years.

If you want to have a value in the displayed info that tells you how current that info is, you can create a custom field with name "Updated", of type "file time stamp", and the path of the output file.

I also had problems with auto updating of the backgroud picture under Win2012R2.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Sysinternals Software\Bginfo.exe" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Sysinternals Software\local.bgi" /timer:0 RUNDLL32.

EXE user32.dll, Update Per User System Parameters You may have to adjust that batch file according to this question.

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