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As a result, you cannot override specific method overloads of a . Instead, you need to use define the function accepting an arbitrary argument list (see class My Comparer(String Comparer): ... Reference" is a reasonable workaround: Note that the Office APIs in particular do have "VARIANT*" parameters, but these methods do not update the value of the VARIANT. Collection types (like lists, vectors, etc) are the canonical example where generic types are useful. NET has a number of generic collection types in the System. In this case, the name can be used without any indexing to access the non-generic type, and it can be indexed with different number of types to access the generic type with the corresponding number of type parameters. NET method, Iron Python tries to convert the argument. NET conversion rules like conversion operators , as well as Iron Python-specific rules. In such cases, using the unbound class instance method syntax allows you chose precisely which slot you wish to call: . So you can just treat such parameters as "in" parameters. NET supports generic types which allow the same code to support multiple type parameters which retaining the advantages of types safety. Iron Python exposes generic types as a special Note that there might exist a non-generic type as well as one or more generic types with the same name [1]. Event Handler When the argument type does not exactly match the parameter type expected by the . The only reason they were defined with "VARIANT*" parameters was for performance since passing a pointer to a VARIANT is faster than pushing all the 4 DWORDs of the VARIANT onto the stack.In an effort to prevent the unintended update of local value type copies and at the same time preserve as pythonic and consistent a view of the world as possible, direct updates to value type fields are not allowed by Iron Python, and raise a Value Error: . NET does not support multiple inheritance while Python does. The following snippet uses Reflection to show that the object can be cast to the . Exception.__new__(cls, message, inner_exception) ... return e allow Python sub-types to access protected members of . However, Python does not enforce any accessibility rules. NET method exactly describes the target platform method. Iron Python does an automatic mapping between the two concepts so that Python objects can be compared and hashed from non-Python .

A class can have only one method with a given name. This is because of Visual Basic 6 semantics where "excel. If a typelib is not available, Iron Python assumes that it is a method. The reason for this is that the IDispatch interface does not make much of a distinction between properties and method calls. However, Iron Python has a strong distinction between properties and methods, and methods are first class objects. Quit" should invoke the method Quit, or just return a callable object, it needs to inspect the typelib.In that case, the explicitly implemented method is not accessible as an attribute. Note Generic method receive information about the method signature being invoked, whereas normal method overloads do not. NET does not allow normal method overloads to differ by the return type, and it is usually possible to determine the argument types based on the argument values. Iron Python can also be used in other scenarios like in Silverlight or embedded in an application. Since some Python builtin types are implemented as .However, it can still be called by using the unbound class instance method syntax: The Python language passes all arguments by-value. Iron Python supports two ways of passing ref or out arguments to a method, an implicit way and an explicit way. However, with generic methods, one of the type parameters may only be used as the return type. All the Iron Python assemblies are security-transparent. NET code using APIs like those listed below need to think about how it will deal with Iron Python code: It is sometimes useful to access private members of an object. NET code in Iron Python or when using the interactive command line to observe the innner workings of some object. NET types, the question arises whether the types work like Python types or like . The answer is that by default, the types work like Python types.

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