Updating spamassassin rules Uganda adult chatnetworks

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To install multiple channels from tarballs, run "sa-update" multiple times with different --channel and --install switches, e.g.: sa-update --channel foo.--install foo-34958sa-update --channel bar.--install bar-938455--allowplugins Allow downloaded updates to activate plugins.The default is not to activate plugins; any "loadplugin" or "tryplugin" lines will be commented in the downloaded update rules files.Instead, "sa-update" is typically used in something like the following manner: sa-update && /etc/init.d/spamassassin reload This works because "sa-update" only returns an exit status of 0 if it has successfully downloaded and installed an updated ruleset.--channel sa-update can update multiple channels at the same time.sa-update [options] Options: --channel channel Retrieve updates from this channel Use multiple times for multiple channels --channelfile file Retrieve updates from the channels in the file --checkonly Check for update availability, do not install --install filename Install updates directly from this file.

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SHA1 hashes can verify whether or not the downloaded archive has been corrupted, but it does not offer any form of security regarding whether or not the downloaded archive is legitimate (aka: non-modifed by evildoers).When an archive is downloaded and the signature verified, sa-update requires that the signature be from one of these "release trusted" keys or else verification fails.This prevents third parties from manipulating the files on a mirror, for instance, and signing with their own key.Update archives are verified using SHA1 hashes and GPG signatures, by default.Note that "sa-update" will not restart "spamd" or otherwise cause a scanner to reload the now-updated ruleset automatically.

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