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"Everybody in parliament voted for it, so the responsibility doesn't lie completely on his shoulders.

Then," Ioan Gruffudd flinches with embarrassment, "I actually went through my whole CV, asking 'was it this film?

He adds: ‘The older a male actor gets the better he becomes — look at Harrison Ford, he wasn’t even discovered until he was in his 30s.

So, I look forward to hitting my stride and growing into my future roles gracefully.’The £450 seat from Kitzbuhel, Austria, is now firmly anchored in the garden of the house Chemmy, 31, shares with fellow skier — and future husband — Dougie Crawford, 26, on the Thames near Hampton Court.‘Unfortunately our old garden seat was washed away so we needed a replacement,’ says Chemmy, who is in training for next month’s Winter Games at Sochi in Russia, despite recovering from her third broken leg.

Then, although they got the shape of it right, the colour was wrong - almost completely white.

They took me in to see Oliver Stone and he just said: 'For God's sake: he looks ridiculous.'"Finally, after administering prosthetic likenesses of the former PM's elfin ears, a single darkened tooth in the middle of his lower set and blue contact lenses "because he's got those beautiful, piercing blue eyes," producers managed to achieve a certain likeness."As the part is a small one, it was important that I should be instantly, physically recogniseable as Blair.

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