Who is iris from big brother dating

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Iris tells Barry she can't stop thinking about him, and he kisses her before revealing himself as The Flash.

Iris confronts her best friend and eventually her father about their lies before officially joining the team to help find Eddie and stop the Reverse Flash.Believing himself to be the cause for Eddie's (and Ronnie's) death as well as the new villains, Barry does not renew his confessions to Iris.Instead he keeps to himself and dissolves Team Flash until Iris convinces him to come to Flash Day.Once he's fallen back into a routine, Barry starts dating a cop named Patty Spivot after some prodding from Joe, who says he must try to move on from Iris even if he'll never feel the same way about another woman.Iris is supportive of the relationship and suggests that he tell Patty he's The Flash if he's serious about her, to avoid the misunderstanding and hurt that Iris herself experienced previously.

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