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Nadia decided to enter the American Cup as a warm-up. We used to train six or seven but we didn't tell them we'd train six or seven..." Nadia's first Olympics games were The Montreal Olympic Games held in 1976.Nadia won the competition, as her hard work paid off. Nadia Comăneci was set to compete in several events including both team and solo routines.After Bela saw something special in the little girl doing perfect cartwheels, he tracked her down through the school office to recover her identity.Eventually, he tracked her and her friends down and offered to train them in gymnastics.Her coaches were impressed with her from the beginning, but perfection didn't come easy as she fell a lot throughout her first competition.Nadia continued to train every day while getting stronger and winning competitions.She became BBC Overseas Sports Personality of the Year along with Associated Press’ Female Athlete of the Year in 1976.

She became famous for the best reason but saw an untold dark side too.Nadia’s started gymnastics when she was only in Kindergarten with a team called Flacăra – which translates to “The Flame” in Romanian.Some people have the gift of knowing what they want to do with their lives at a very young age.She was just 6 when she got hooked on the sport of gymnastics and knew that this was something she wanted to stick with.She had no idea how much the sport would not only change her life, but change gymnastics history too.

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