Who meagan good dating

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The actress went onto say that she was celibate and a bad former relationship had nothing to do with her decision.BOSSIP will exclusively have the real story with Meagan later this week….They suggest that a couple committed to celibacy not let evenings linger too late, avoid intimate touching, as well as alcohol, which can lower defenses.Double dating or going out with a group of friends can support “the wait,” as does staying busy, and not watching porn.Franklin's latest project is producer of the upcoming Sony film, "Miracles from Heaven" with Jennifer Garner.They both had a lot going on as busy entertainment professionals.

Committing to it took vigilance, as triggers can make one vulnerable to giving into the hunger when a friend or family member gets married, a “big” birthday comes up, or a job loss.She smoked, drank, and dated high-profile men, while he was an uber clean-cut preacher who’d been celibate for nearly a decade.But when things took off between actress Meagan Good and film executive De Von Franklin in 2011, they felt that God had put them “on a love-collision course,” according to their new book, "The Wait."Before the pair married a year later, they chose to refrain from sex during their courtship, and suggest that others might find this faith-based approach to love as fruitful as they did.“We would like this book to become a positive cultural-conversation starter as we all strive to live our God-given destiny,” they write in the first few pages.“I was a very destructive person and I struggled with that a lot,” Good, now 34, tells The Post of her younger days. That is how I got started with smoking too.” She had a string of romantic liaisons throughout her teens and early 20s, including Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, Nick Cannon, Jamie Foxx and former Kansas City Chiefs running back Thomas Jones — but it wasn’t until one of her beaus cheated on her that Good began to consider celibacy.A child actress who made her film debut in 1995’s “Friday,” she found herself rebelling. “I no longer wanted to be a girlfriend, I wanted a husband,” she says.

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