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If you know your way around Microsoft Visual Studio, don't be shy! As announced on Twitter (follow for more frequent use), there's a beta for OS X (Lion/Mountain Lion/Mavericks).

I'm sure there's quite a few bugs (which you'll hopefully help discover), and apparently a performance issue with the explosions, but I'd like your feedback!

If you're interested in building the win32 binaries (especially the beta version I'm going to release over the next months), please drop me a line! Anyway, if you want to notice when I have another update (or just hear about some progress now and then), just follow me on twitter.

The listener’s task is to identify, classify or rate these distortions according to a number of well-defined perceptual attributes and scales.

The software automatically adjusts the difficulty of each training task based on the listener’s performance. Known Issues - For Mac and Windows you may need to manually change the permissions to read/write in the Application Folder and Application Data and Support folders.

Well, I got my first build to compile and run (sort of).

It looks kinda funny and there's still loads of graphics stuff hidden inside #ifndef OPENGL_ES ...

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