Wpf binding in code not updating

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They are later updated by the call to On Parent Surface Rendered.Later when another annotation is added using the Add button On Labels Source Changed is not called, the chart can be updated however by double clicking which causes On Parent Surface Rendered to be called.Please could you have a look at the attached example.

wpf binding in code not updating-60

wpf binding in code not updating-24

wpf binding in code not updating-4

wpf binding in code not updating-76

My annotations collection is updated from the constructor and from an On Load handler but not after this.

Every time the data is pushed, the time stamp is updated so that the next push will not occur until a pre-defined duration has elapsed.

I put together a demo app which shows how to do this.

Let’s take the same example but here, we will change the binding mode from One Way to Two Way in the XAML code. It will produce the same output − Let’s now change the Name and Age values − If you click the Show button now, it will display the updated message.

We recommend that you execute the above code with both the cases for a better understanding of the concept.

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